Fundlined has Launched!

15 MAY 2014, INDIA

The Revolution Begins Today!

Today, is a landmark day in the history of crowdfunding in India. The launch of Fundlined signifies the day when anyone can launch a campaign on Fundlined for their Idea, Project, Startup or Cause - without worrying about funding.

Months and months of Effort, Headaches and Self Doubt have gone into the making of Fundlined, but today we can truly say that we're proud of our result.

At Fundlined, we believe in #Empowering People by #Democratising Funding, and that's still going to be our mission going forward.

We're already the 3rd Biggest Crowdfunding Platform in India (in terms of number of campaigns)!

[Update] In less than a month since our launch, we have become India's Second Biggest Crowdfunding Platform - beating a number of platforms which have existed in India for over 2 years!

Building Fundlined while I'm still 18 hasn't been easy and I think the entire credit should go to our awesome team. Without them we wouldn't reach where we are today (and this is just the beginning). We already have the largest team, when compared to any other crowdfunding platform in India.

Stay Tuned for a number of revolutionary partnerships in the days ahead, which are going to revolutionise crowdfunding in India, forever.

So go ahead, and contribute to the outstanding campaigns on Fundlined. Every contribution matters, no matter how big or small it may be!

Fund The Change You Want To See!

- Siddharth Shetty

About Fundlined

Fundlined is a Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform, just for India. You can raise Funds for any Idea, Project, Startup or Cause on Fundlined!

At Fundlined, our aim is to Empower People By Democratising Funding, and it's with this belief that we are going to revolutionise crowdfunding in India, forever.

We're currently organising India's Biggest Crowdfunding Contest - With over 20 Lakhs worth of Extra Funding up for Grabs! You may visit for further information.